Doll House Decluttering

We have done some decluttering of the doll house.

Hey. Even dolls can only move around and function so well when there’s too much clutter. Of course, it won’t do to throw out something you use from time to time, even if you’re in a decluttering frenzy. Now, that’s a lesson to teach!

You’ll see the fancy dog bed that Princess of the Universe made from a little tin from the thrift store and some fabric scraps. That dog sure has a nice bed.

She put a couple of pieces of wood on the “fire.” Of course the fireplace was drawn on paper and then decopauged to the wall.

The bathroom was also moved to a room with a fireplace (made from a cardboard papertowel roll), and yes that’s the man of the house in the bathroom currently. Ahem. I desired to edit this out, but Princess of the Universe insisted it should stay in. It is real life, after all.

How would you like a huge, round bathtub which allowed you to step out and dry in front of a roaring fire? Could be dangerous. But it could be warm. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Doll House Decluttering”

  1. I love this dollhouse! I like how creative its construction is. Is that a soap dish for a bath tub? I had never thought of that. Bathroom furniture is a little harder to improvise than most other types.(Although my son's G.I. Joe house does have a ceramic sink I found at the dollar tree… it was intended to be a knick-knack, but it was the perfect scale!)

  2. Well, every man has a job to do, after all. Now you have to put her to work making a tiny tiny bowl of potpourri for the usual reasons!

    I love the fireplace. A little hint for even more realism.

    When my cousin's daughter and I made her fireplace from a chunk of styrofoam, we put "real logs" in it too–and then we made "flames" of red, yellow, and orange felt. They were satisfyingly three dimensional.

    I hope you can see this. I drew a few rocks on the styrofoam with a sharpie to give her the idea, then she drew the rest and painted them with water colors–we had to make the watercolors pretty thick–like paste–but we were quite pleased with the outcome.

    In the back of the fireplace, we stapled a black piece of felt, to simulate the smoke darkened fireplace backwall.

    We glued a piece of purple felt to the top of the fireplace, then "finished" it with a nice scrap of gold braid trim. The "hearth" is just a shiny white piece of cardboard from the flap of a box left over from christmas.


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