The Dolls Receive A Package!

Oh my! Talk about excitement around the doll house! The dolls received a package in the mail today. (Actually a sweet Five In A Row friend sent me a little package today, full of a wonderful, fun surprise!)

Have you ever seen a box of chocolates for a doll house? Well, it could be a valentine too, but we pretended it was a box of chocolates.

Perhaps it’s because Valentine’s Day is so close. Or maybe just because the dolls needed chocolate. Oh, I don’t know! Whatever the reason, the dolls had a marvelous time sitting around and eating chocolates. Until, that is, Papa found out about them and claimed all that were left.

Umph. There sits the whole box on the nightstand beside Papa’s bed.

And here lies Papa, fast asleep, after eating a bunch of chocolates. They sure were good, he was saying to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

The ladies of the house could have been angry, but they weren’t. No indeed. In their package were also a bunch of seeds for the spring garden. Hooray!

The doll house was all abuzz with talk of what would be planted where. There were shrieks of delight as the dolls tried to imagine all the food they’ll have come summertime! Mama especially was happy, because she loves gardening most of all.

Thank you, sweet friend, for you gifts and for the fun you gave us!Lynn

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