A Famous Relative

Sometimes we play with purpose around here. At the end of every book we study for our homeschool curriculum, Five In A Row, I make a little souvenir for the doll house. For one thing, it reminds us of wonderful time spent reading books together. The other thing, though, is that it helps Princess of the Universe remember what we studied.

We just recently studied Snowflake Bentley. What was the souvenir?Well, let me tell you the dolls were just over-the-top excited to find out that Snowflake Bentley was a distant cousin on their family tree. Oh, you’ve never seen such scrambling to get out just the right picture frame for the picture that they inherited!!!

Even the back of the frame is so finely crafted. 🙂 tee hee

Princess of the Universe and I had so much fun playing dolls this evening. She made some things on her very own that I’ll post about later. For now, it’s time for bed.


One thought on “A Famous Relative”

  1. I know I have told you this before but I really love this idea…
    In years to come you will have a collection of wonderful memories…


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