Food. Food. Food.

Dear Peeps,

Happy Sunday!

I am still iced/snowed in. I suspect the main roads would be clear but I won’t attempt the drive to get to a major road. In the meantime, I am most thankful for good food, electricity and Internet.

These are red potatoes. They come in a ready-to-cook bag. I microwave and then fry slices in olive oil. Can anyone say YUM? I love foods that don’t go through the microwave but this method turns out a delicious side dish!

Then there was steak…

and salad.

Again, I am so thankful for food. I have tried not to over eat during this snowy ice storm! I made more cornbread muffins, only this time I crumbled cooked bacon into the mix. This morning I had one of those muffins with cream cheese. Oh my!

In cat news, I asked my dear friend Jason if I could share some recent pictures of his Amelia. He said to ask Amelia. She said yes. In fact, she was thrilled.

She is quite the show-off in front of the camera. She says she is going into meowdeling. We will see about that! I don’t think she has asked Jason.

I feel a bit stir crazy so I am going to try my hand at the craft desk. Will be sure and share pictures if there is anything to show.

Enjoy this day.


11 thoughts on “Food. Food. Food.”

  1. We're getting a lot of coverage about the snow you have here in UK. It looks horrendous, apparantly it may be heading our way next week, but not so severe thank goodness.
    I'm glad you are keeping well and have provisions to see you through.

    1. Shirley, another reader has a problem too. She is using Microsoft Edge. Do you know what you are using? I wonder if it is the width of my layout or something about image size. Will keep on looking for the source. Lynn

  2. Hi:
    I am having the hardest time catching on to your side bars of text alongside pictures. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. So glad because I don't want to miss a word of what you say. Love all the animal photos.

    Shirley H.

    1. Shirley, thank you! I am so glad you left a comment. There must be a problem with my layout and how it shows in some browsers. So far I cannot identify a problem. I wish I knew what was causing that! I am sorry. That has to be a pain to read. Let me keep working on it!

  3. I'm glad you made it safe and sound through the storm. I have family up north dealing with anywhere between 22 and 40 inches of the white stuff.
    Beautiful kitty!

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