Free Victorian Graphics: 1800s Illustrations

Friends, please enjoy these illustrations. They are all from 1878, which is a pretty good indication that copyright long ago expired.

I am surrounded by happy, purring kitties. Sunshine has been pouring down out of the sky today. Flowers are bloomin.

Enjoy this day!

1878 illustration.
Sweet little girl, caring for her pet. 1878
1878 illustration.
He Careth For You. A beautiful illustration from 1878.

6 thoughts on “Free Victorian Graphics: 1800s Illustrations”

  1. Hi Lynn! First of all…so true…although your flowers are so pretty (and quite advanced ingrowth for this spring!) children are far more beautiful and precious. The lace dress looks good enough for a wedding dress. These pictures remind me of Alice in Wonderland! xo Andrea

    1. Andrea, thank you! Yes, the babies are the best. Thank you about the dress. I need to get started on the next one! And I love Alice in Wonderland! xo Lynn

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