Gearing Up For Christmas At Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

I am in the shop right now. It is a place I love. My happy place. It is just a shame that sometimes we have to get to a point where we have to “allow” ourselves to have something like this. It is also a shame that a woman might have someone in her life who says, “you can’t do that.” I am very happy now to have the most supportive love and friendship in my life. It makes it so much easier to thrive and take chances and succeed with those chances.

I am gearing up for Christmas in the shop. I love the twinkly lights! I love the customers who come in! Today was the first day that I began unpacking vintage ornaments and bringing them in. More to come, but I wanted to share with you one of my little trees.


Most little nooks and corners in the shop are adorned with old photos.


Right now one of my favorite customers is in the shop. She takes her time and looks at every tiny treasure. We discovered that we both love making doll houses and dolls.

I will close for now. Oh my gosh it feels so good to have WordPress installed and reliable hosting and something to blog about!


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