Getting Used to Playing Live

One fun thing about all the rain we have had?  I have the best rain boots ever!

I love my sugar skull boots! And everyone else seems to as well. Everywhere I went yesterday, people stopped me to comment on my boots. They kept my feet warm and dry.

On the other hand, I am so ready for the sun, and very ready to check on my veggie garden. I can tell the plants are getting taller, but I want to get close and see if there is any fruit forming on the tomatoes!  I just have not gone out there in all the rain we have had.

As far as the music in my life (and the music man), our gig over the weekend went very well. It’s such an honor to be asked by a dear friend to help her raise money for breast cancer research. The money goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation. I know, I know, I’ve heard the good and the bad about Komen, but they have helped our dear friend! She is in her seventh year of living with stage IV breast cancer!

We played several songs: The Road is My Middle Name by Bonnie Raitt; Billy Burnette’s Wrong One Right; an instrumental by Jerry Reed, The Claw; an old song called Dim Lights, Thick Smoke; and more.

Playing live is something I am still getting used to. There is so much involved in performing! I think back to all the times I have seen people play and never once realized the work that went into it all before and after the actual tiny amount of time they were on stage. They had to buy and keep up equipment, learn the songs, rehearse them, book the gig, carry their equipment to the gig and set it up, break everything down afterwards, carry it all home, and then they had to unpack it, clean it up and put it away. And most musicians make very little money. I sure tip musicians better now that I realize all of that!

I am learning how to set up my amp, deal with chords, be quiet when my mic and amp are on but we are not playing yet, and so much more! It is also a challenge to learn to play and sing but also engage the audience. I don’t want to just look at a music stand or the floor the whole time! Wow. There is just a lot to it!  And then there is the whole argument about why a music stand or iPad should be on stage anyway!

Did someone ask about Vlad? Well, if you didn’t, you should have. We found out that while we were busy with the gig, he hitched a ride with some of the Meowfia in the neighborhood and went to the beach. Muppet from next door sent this over to us when we got back.

I hope everyone is having a great week.
Enjoy this day!

8 thoughts on “Getting Used to Playing Live”

  1. Hi Lynn, looks like you and Jason are having a wonderful time playing live! Love your rubber boots. I must be on the look out for a new pair. My pretty flowered ones sprung a leak!
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi, Robin! We have really enjoyed playing together so far! It gets richer as I learn more and we can do more together. I just appreciate him supporting me so much and teaching me so much. He is an amazing musician. I think he was just born to play. xo Lynn

  2. Dear Lynn,

    Rain boots are the best! I love all the different patterns they come in now.

    We’re a little bit used to live shows, with Ken’s Elvis gigs, and I tell you what, it’s a big job washing an Elvis jumpsuit by hand!



    1. Hi, Marqueta! I do love them as well. Oh, I bet you are well aware of the work that goes into performance, and oh my! Washing an Elvis suit by hand! 🙂 Love, Lynn

  3. Another example, of how we know so little, about what others “do.” Something which may look pretty easy to us, can be far from easy, to do.

    One of those things, which it is good, to be reminded of.

    Gentle hugs….. Luna Crone

    1. Luna, so true! There is not enough lifetime to learn everything there is about every place, every person, every lifestyle. Life is beautiful. xo Lynn

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