Gifts from Across the Country

What a wonderful surprise for the dolls! They received a package of lovely gifts from AnnaMarie and Audrey!

First up: the Fairie Calendar! It is absolutely adorable. Please, pardon the bright sun. The dolls took the calendar outside to show you all the detail.

The dolls have been marking off the days so that they can keep track of things. (AnnaMarie, I hope that’s okay!) It has made their lives immensely more orderly.

Just look at the beautiful illustrations in the calendar. The dolls love it so much and just can’t quit looking at it.

The only problem is that the little dolls cannot decide which month’s illustration they like the best.

Here is the calendar hanging in their kitchen, the busiest room in the house!

Last, but not least, would you look at these delicious cookies they received!

The dolls were not exactly sure who all had a hand in baking them, but they were delicious.

Thank you so very much for the doll house gifts. Our dolls feel it is time to send something to you!Lynn

6 thoughts on “Gifts from Across the Country”

  1. Dear Lynn,

    Everyone is jumping up and down here, seeing how they’re famous now! We’re so glad your dolls enjoyed everything; I see a tradition starting!



  2. Lynn,

    I did not know about this blog…I LOVE dollhouses! My dad build me one when I was younger and it somehow got lost, so he built me another one…It is nice, but I would like to change a few things…I love your dollhouse though and love that you put special things to remind you of your schoolwork and that your dolls get gifts, etc…I am going to read more about this…unfortunately, I have the black thumb of death as far as the garden goes, but I love creating things!

  3. Lynn,

    I found a great book that I think your dolls need…a kind of Do-It-Yourself type of book…may help if they get in a decorating mood…I hope you can find it.
    It is called:
    Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses:215 Enchanting No Sew Designs & Patterns by Lael Combe Furgeson and Terry Combe Johnson.

    We also found our first doll today…for right now, we are calling him Bossy R, because we are studying about how he gets bossy with vowels in words…his name may change…we'll have to see if it fits…thanks for the fun ideas!

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