Good Monday Morning and a Vintage Hat

Dear Friends,

Here it is another Monday! Seems like the older I get the faster they roll around. The predicted rain has started falling here, getting harder and harder. I can hear it on the windows and the rooftop. There is something both wonderful and depressing about rain. I love the sunshine and bright sky. But being inside a cozy little home and listening to the rain outside creates a sweet feeling of safeness. I like to work on things at my craft area when the weather is like this.

Business goes well, and Saturday was a lovely day. I love meeting my customers! There are so many personalities that wander into the shop. Tend shop — It is what I was meant to do!

I have purchased another lot of old postcards. There are so many treasures in these stacks of vintage communication. I have also purchased an unusual lot of vintage photos which include scenes from old movies with big-time movie stars. There is a photograph from the Wizard of Oz!

I have not decided what to do with the photos I purchased. I want to make sure they are handled as they should be and assigned the correct value! How interesting they are!!

Must get to work. Just on a quick lunch break.

Enjoy this day!

ps — hello to new visitors!

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