Goodbye to Alan Rickman

Oh my. If I have ever had a movie star crush it would be Alan Rickman. What a talent. And as Severus Snape? I guess I would be hoping to get sorted into Slytherin were I to attend Hogwarts. Well, maybe not truly since I love Harry so much, but that Professor Snape with his jet black hair and smirky pout. That’s all I need to say.

Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, on Wikipedia

I guess it was not publicized that he had cancer. I certainly didn’t know. I remember being thrilled to hear he had married his longtime sweetheart, Rima.

Talent is a marvelously attractive thing. I did not know the man, but I loved him as the characters he brought to life. Was there any sweeter scene than that in Sense and Sensibility when Colonel Brandon stood at the bedside of a very sick Marianne? I will just go ahead and answer for us all.


That is all for now.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye to Alan Rickman”

    1. Oh Wean!! Forgot you are there where he was from! What a loss of some amazing talent. And he was so well spoken of. Sounded like a very kind soul.

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