2 thoughts on “Guess who got a Vitamix?”

  1. Lynn! I’ve not sat at my computer to read blogs in ages, but I did want to tell you that I’ve found you on YouTube and I enjoy your videos so much! So, so fun to see and hear you! Before we made the big jump to life on the road full time, I had piles of paper and made cards all the time; you’re inspiring me to start another (small) collection of supplies and get going 🙂 xoxo!

    1. Dear Hilary, it is SO good to hear from you. Yes, be inspired and collect again! 😉 I have to just make myself manage my paper hoard. Give yourself a good set of limits and fill ‘er up! I have this new wonderful workshop that Jason gave me, so that dictates my boundaries. I think I would explode if I could not create! Thank you SO much for stopping in! xoxoxo Lynn

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