12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day 2017”

  1. Hi Lynn! I’m over here visiting with you and I hope you had a nice V-day! Househunting is hard work yet exciting. I would have loved hardwood but the floor boards (are not real wood or real particle board even) here and we’d have to add new ones so engineered hardwood was our choice! also we looked for DIY friendly. My husband had to buy a good saw and some other tools. Our whole house (1500 sq feet) cost about 6500 for the materials for the flooring w/my husband doing the work himself. In our old house, we bought IKEA floors for two rooms and were very happy with them. Pure hardwood would be twice the price. So when you look for homes, if you can find hardwood flooring, you will be getting something valuable! xo andrea

    1. Oh wow! Yes, I am sure learning as I look at properties — the cost of this or the cost of that. Really can make a difference in overall price! Not sure what I will settle on, but so fun looking!! xoxo Lynn

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