Happy Winds-day

Good morning everyone! First of all, thank you so much for your comments. I read them all and they make me smile! And Victoria! You grew up in a pink motel? I think that sounds very exciting and interesting.

Days lately are long and busy and very happy. My shop is growing and I am very excited about that. Oh if only I could work with paper and fabric 24/7.

Here is some mushroom inspiration for you! We have had more rain this month than in any May that I remember. Everything has been damp and we have had a lot of fungi! These mushrooms popped up in a large planter I have. They are beautiful, I admit. I am thinking of turning these into some kind of journal cards for my shop.

Life is so short and beautiful! Remember to enjoy this day!


5 thoughts on “Happy Winds-day”

  1. Wow Lynn! I think these look like something that could go on a wedding cake! I wish you fold paper and make mushrooms like this and I think it could be done, but it is beyond my talents! You always have an eye for beauty… Enjoy your day Terry

  2. Well, those two mushroom look like some of the hats the ladies wore to the Royal Wedding. Love you Lynn. Mom

    1. Thank you so much! Done! I really hope to start taking better care of the ol’ blog. Etsy is keeping me way busy! 🙂 Good to hear from you, Lesa! xxLynn

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