Hats and More Hats

Dear Blog Peeps,

We have 40 more minutes here and it will officially be Thurday. What a long day this has been. Work. Raging storms. A nap after work from sheer exhaustion. A meeting with a tax preparer. A bible study. And here I am. But I love the challenge. The tax meeting was most interesting. I am learning what I need to do to record-keep and thrive. It’s such a learning curve.

Hats sell. They just do. No, every person who walks into Sidetracked is not a hat person. But hat people do make their way to Sidetracked, and it is a joyous union!! Here are a few recent finds.

This one was crushed and in need of some reshaping! But oh my it’s a beauty!

You have seen this one, on me, but have to share again. This hat is just magical. It’s perfect.

Another recent find. An excellent choice for spring!

My sweet sleeping lady (HELP ME NAME HER!!) wears a dark blue straw hat. I say straw, but honestly I don’t know what to call it. I need to so some research on this one! Anyone know what to call this crinkly stuff?

In closing, a sweet corner of the shop. A new mirror. A vintage dress. Drying roses. The letters L-Y-N-N sent to me by my sweet sister. My happy place.

Enjoy this day!


10 thoughts on “Hats and More Hats”

  1. Enjoyed the tour of your shop. I think Sleeping Lady should be called Aunt Tilly. Our Aunt Tilly loved to shop, especially for hats. She couldn't pass them up and her husband forbid her to buy any more. So Aunt Tilly would hurry home with her hats and hide them under the bed for a while and then put them in the back of her closet until she could honestly say "…this old thing? It's been in the closet forever!" I think Sleeping Lady is really Embarrassed Lady, which is just how Aunt Tilly would look when she semi-lied to her hubby.

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