Hey Hey, Wednesday

Peeps, I am sitting in the dentist’s chair. Getting a cleaning and some work on an old filling. Ugh. I love the cleaning. I could do without needing more dental work.

Mouth is completely numb. I am waiting for the dentist to come back. Sigh.

I’m sorry to be so slow to get back here and post. I stay very busy with my Etsy shop and my work with vintage ephemera. It’s a serious part-time job that I hope to some day expand to full time. It’s vital to my livelihood, so it is way up there on the priority list!

Amelia loves art. We frequently catch her sitting and admiring the large cat drawing. Dead serious. It is hilarious. She also loves to watch the Kitty Bowl when it is on TV.

Just a pretty shelf in one of my work desks. Lots of this and that.

I am so happy that gardening time is here and that I can garden again, in a place I expect to be from now on. No more pulling up stakes. No more stress and anxiety. No more sadness over feeling like I need to remove myself from something that’s killing me.

Enjoy this day!


5 thoughts on “Hey Hey, Wednesday”

  1. Hey Lynn! Glad you are back (albeit in a dentist chair)! I love the picture with the kitty staring at the picture on the wall. No telling what she is thinking?

    Honey, I have wished for so long for you to be this happy, enjoy and savor your new permanent home. I can’t wait to see what new garden choices you come with for this year. I am making a small “kitty garden” with little flowers and places that they can hide in. Lets hope that they come!

    Happy Days to You!

  2. I love these pics and I too, am so proud to know that in my time of knowing you, you are happy, beautiful, talented, giving, caring, funny, smart, gifted, whew, I’m tired…
    I didn’t know you in your saddest days, but I know they shaped you into the kind of special friend, I now have!
    May God continue to shower his blessings upon you and your family!
    Nothing like a good blog!!

  3. Only you could find hot pink rose lights to string up! 🙂 Those are really pretty! I’ll be in the dentist chair Monday!! I love you Lynn! Mom

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