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Last night it was raining, but that did not stop Jason and me from going to Home Depot to search for some things we needed.  Of course we ended up in the lawn and garden section.  It was raining out, so we could not get to most of the plants without getting soaked.  I know the plants were loving the rain!  We did get photos of a few plants that we might be able to put into our gardens.  We have a lot of deer who like to visit and eat the plants, so we are slowly composing a list of plants that the deer won’t eat!  That said, I have read and heard that deer will eat anything if they get hungry enough.  So far we have had success with:

  • butterfly bush
  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • iris
  • azalea
  • lamb’s ear
  • dianthus

In the background of all of our daily activities, the kitties make everything more cheery.  Amelia snuggles up to me when I am resting on the couch in the evenings.  Vlad stretches confidently while I am working.

calla lillies
Garden plants at Home Depot

I found an amazing iron bed frame that is going to make a great flower BED. Not sure where it will end up, but for now it is heading up some plants that were sweetly given to me by Henny Penny. And a potted yew that had been at the shop for a year needed to come home and get repotted. It was nearly completely root bound.


Enjoy this day!

12 thoughts on “Home Depot Flower Shopping”

  1. Well a rainy day is a fine day to pick out plants, as they are lovely in the rain and sun. We just have a Lowe’s here and I haven’t seen foxglove yet, or peonies. My neighbor has lots of peonies and I don’t think deer like them either. Happy planting! xo Andrea

    1. Hi, Andrea! We had so much fun looking. I enjoy going into Lowe’s here as well, but have not been there in awhile. Oooooooh, I love peonies! I would love to think I could plant them and the deer would not eat them! xoxo Lynn

  2. Is that rosemary in the last pot! Love it. How do you get it to grow so well. I planted my in the ground the last 3 years and it dies every summer. What am I doing wrong? I love plants and I am hoping one day to have my very own greenhouse. Love you sweet cousin.

    1. Hi, Vicki! It is Yew, which favors rosemary a lot. I have had some large rosemary as well — at the old garden. About that size actually. But Yew will get bigger. Much bigger! I am not sure about your rosemary. Is it getting too much water? Does it get enough sun? Do you notice any mites or anything? I would love for you to have a greenhouse! I want one too. Love you too!! xoxo

  3. The bed frame looks amazing, such a lovely way to recycle. I must admit to missing my little garden from my previous home. A lot of work is needed here to establish a garden.

    1. Mamasmercantile — Thank you! It will be so much fun to begin working around it and adding more plants in throughout “Lynnwood,” my garden at Jason’s. You are so right, a lot of work is needed. I am hoping and thinking this will be my last big “build” as far as moving around goes! 🙂 xo Lynn

  4. Hi Lynn, I have stayed away from the Home Depot garden section so far. It is a little early here to plant out most things. I get so tempted by all the beautiful plants.
    Love the bed frame, it looks wonderful.
    Have a good day!

    1. Hi, Robin! Thank you! We can plant now safely, and really could do a lot in April. I will be glad when you can plant to your heart’s content! xo Lynn

  5. Actually most anything that is poisonous will keep deer away from it pretty reliably. Smart little devils unfortunately! I’m considering a totally poison garden to save on the frustration of chasing the “locusts with hooves” out when I happen to see them lunching in my yard.

    1. Hi, Victoria! I wondered if that was the case. Seems they leave alone the poisonous plants. 🙂 Yay. I love the “locusts with hooves.” It’s true! They eat everything bare and down to the ground! xo Lynn

  6. What beautiful flowers-in-the-rain photos, you got.

    Sweet, sweet kitties…

    You mentioned, deer frequent your gardens…. When I see the word ‘deer,’ I am reminded of Lyme Disease. And deer are part of the disease spreading cycle. Just learned of a new and worse form of this disease. Scaryyyyyyyyy… Hope you protect yourselves, from ticks….
    WATCH your COMMENTS, for SPAM.

    I found 2, this morning, in my comments.

    Had to put Comment Moderation back on. 🙁

    Luna Crone

    1. Hi, Luna! I’m sorry you are getting SPAM. I go through that too at times. I have an app that catches most of mine, but sometimes it still slips through. I use Akismet that comes with WordPress. Not sure if there is that option with BlogSpot. Thank you for the sweet comment! And thanks for the warning about Lyme! I have had Lyme but treated early and no symptoms. It is scary. My legs hurt so bad the week I began treatment. xo Lynn

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