Homemade Doll House Dresser

I must say I am so pleased. I just had to share this. Sweet-pea and I sat down this evening and worked on a piece of doll house furniture — a dresser. With a mirror and everything!

We used match boxes for the drawers. My husband carefully removed a mirror from a compact I had. Last night at work we had some excellent boxes that were going to be thrown out. They were heavy cardboard, but not corrugated. Very smooth and sturdy. Just right.

We cut out a “frame” from one end of a box, into which we could glue the drawers. Then we cut a piece of box to be glued onto the back. Finally, the mirror was glued into place. For the pulls on the drawers, we used a needle to punch holes (carefully now!) into two places on the front of each drawer. We took a little piece of raffia and drew it through and tied in the front.

Isn’t it great?? ~:-D


2 thoughts on “Homemade Doll House Dresser”

  1. You can dress that up a little with some contact paper or scrap book paper glued onto the cardboard. Also, I like using those fasteners for drawer pulls–or gluing on beads. Nice work. Mysister has a "real" dresser very much like this one.


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