Hoyt’s Nickel Cologne, Estate Sale, and Other Stuff and Nonsense

Ahhh, the wonder of walking into a home where every. single. thing…. is for sale. I went to an estate sale early Saturday morning. I don’t know why the home was being emptied of every personal effect. A death? A moving on?  I just know that the home was being completely cleared out.

If you have never been to an estate sale, you should go to one (if you are so inclined towards those sorts of things). It gives me the most bizarre feeling to know that things are sold from out of dresser drawers and the nooks of closet shelves, and the last person to touch everything was the person who lived there but who has now moved on.

I mean, I have moved four times in the last five years. What work!  But in my own experience, I take my things with me when I move! What makes someone move away from a place and leave everything behind?  Well, like I said:  maybe they died.  Maybe they were moved to a nursing home. Maybe they said, “I don’t want it anymore!” At most estate sales, you may go into the kitchen and open cabinets. You may plunder through the clothes in the bedroom closets. You may rifle through the cosmetics in the bathroom.

I found a few items early Saturday morning. One was a Hoyt’s Nickel Cologne bottle. Probably from around 1900. Here is what an original label looked like.

And here is my bottle, sitting in the shop.

It is a tiny, sweet bottle, but the glass is heavy. I love the raised letters. It has character. It’s old.

In other news, Merry Christmas to me.

I went out by myself Sunday evening. I had every notion that I’d see a black Martin guitar and fall in love. Who knew I’d run headlong into a USA-made Guild, born in January of 2009. I love the inlay on the frets. And boy does she ring when she is strummed! I fell in love. I mean completely in love. I stayed in the store and played her for about an hour before I brought her home. I won’t be splurging like this again for awhile.

Here we are rolling into another Monday, but that’s good. As I left Sam Ash, on Cloud 9, heading toward Starbucks for a peppermint mocha to sip on during the trip home, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Enjoy this day!

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