I Figured It Out

Why I always seem stuck when I come here to write: this was the repository for my efforts for all those years. My brave, endless, courageous attempts to keep it all afloat and right — they were put here. I come here. I am in quicksand.

I was.

I was in quicksand.

Not anymore. Acknowledging something — figuring it out — is the first step forward.

Can we talk about how much I love NOT having to type medical notes every day? Can we talk about how much I love doing heavy lifting, physical work, moving displays, making art for displays, working at REUSE for my living? Be still my heart, indeed! I was on my way to work here. Decided to jump up on the fashion stump.

Today I am working furiously on business plans, personal mail and bills, and just cleaning up my art studio. What a ding-dang mess it is! I cannot function when it’s this bad, but I have been working on several projects and have pulled out way too much at one time. Henny Penny, I sure wish you were here to help me.

Oh, and I want to buy just one water plant today for the garden. Just one. Please. And thank you.

Enjoy this day!


6 thoughts on “I Figured It Out”

  1. Hey Lynn! Glad to see you back after a little while! Love your gardening post, hope you will put some woodland flowers in there and make it your personal space… Guess what I am doing? Typing medical notes! You are right, I would rather be working with my physical body doing things I love so I will try to get some of your energy going to do it! Love you, you look stunning as always and I think we will all need a little Henny Penny energy… Love X

  2. Hi Terry! Sooo good to hear from you! It feels good to write here without feeling like I have to live within a claustrophobic sleeve. I would not trade my children or those sweet years for anything, but I way outstayed what my spirit and health could handle! I do want to plant some woodland plants!! There is a good structure here. I just need to start really working on the soil, composting, and planting things the deer will leave alone!! Ahhhh, Henny Penny. We all need that energy! If only we could bottle it! Big hugs! Lynn

  3. Oh Lynn… thank you so much for coming back! I nearly cried when I saw you had redirected your URL and wasn’t sharing bits and pieces of your life here anymore. I just brought my blog back to life… it’s last and final incarnation after having a myriad of different blogs over the years (Oh, Hell I’m a Homemaker was fun 🙂 ). Anywho… all seems well in the blogosphere on my end again with your return!

    Your outfit is ADORABLE! I’ve always loved your style and it was a blast seeing it evolve as you were able to get out of the place you were stuck and unappreciated.

    I love hearing that you’re significantly happy in your life and work now…. just love it to no end. It makes my heart happy to hear that.

    I must get back to work. I’ll check back in soon!


    1. Lesa, thank you so much!! I feel the kindness in your comment. It means so much! I always said I was “gently gothic.” LOL I sort of stay at that point on the scale of clothing. I love black, Victorian, some goth (but not too much), a little grunge, rock, and really love individualistic things. I still like modesty. I think it is appealing on all levels. I will head over to your blog! Thanks for letting me know. I am glad all is well with you. Oh hell I’m a homemaker — the phrase made me smile. Life sure keeps moving on, and we do get attached to people we form bonds with on line! Big hugs! Lynn

  4. Hi Lynn! It is so nice to see your vlog and to see today’s post and your yard with all your hopes and dreams. It will be a challenge to figure out what to grow in a wooded area. Keep cool! Hugs, Andrea

    1. Oh Andrea! It is so good to hear from you! Yes, I am not used to packs(?) of deer eating everything. Herds? Crowds? LOL — not sure what a bunch of them are called when they are all together. I do love seeing the little fawns though! Thank you for visiting and commenting! xxLynn

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