It Could Be Winds-day

Lots of Wednesdays I picture Piglet riding off into the sky, holding on to the end of a piece of yarn from a quickly unraveling scarf.

Maybe I should have used colored pencils. Then again, my brain is still in black and white mode at this time of the day. I am only half way through my morning coffee.

Also in black and white is this awesome George Harrison T-shirt that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I ordered it from Amazon with a gift card I earned recently from my insurance program. It is a great T shirt! I am happy with the quality from this company on Amazon.

That is an affiliate link, by the way.

Now for something really spectacular.

Another unbelievable photo from my stash. I would LOVE to know the story behind this. I have no idea when it was taken. I am planning to have an antiques dealer friend near the shop take a look at it for me. I will be sure and share what I find out. It amazes me how everyone in the photo seems to be doing their own thing. I love the details in this. And it is in very good shape. Here are some close-ups that hopefully are clear.

I must run for now. I have an appointment looming on the horizon.

Enjoy this day!


10 thoughts on “It Could Be Winds-day”

  1. I tried to look at the photo closer. At first glace it looks like a photo from the 1880's. Women's clothing is usually a good clue. I see Tight fitting jackets, tight sleeves, odd little hats, hair plain and pulled back. One of the men has only one button on his suit coat buttoned that screams 1885 for a mans fashion statement. I am not an expert but I have seen lots of photos:)

  2. Ha! That photo is something! Sitting at the side of a hill. Interesting hats. It is funny (in a peculiar way) that we got away from wearing hats! I bet at first people felt half -dressed! Andrea

  3. Wow Lynn….what a wonderful picture you found! I sure wish I knew these people. Some are looking at the camera, and some aren't. I can imagine them climbing up what looks like a hill and then getting all situated…and the time it would have taken back then to get the picture. I hope somebody in that picture has passed it on to their relatives somehow…somewhere. Thanks for the great blog!

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