It Feels Like I Have Been Gone Forever

I am truly shocked that I have not posted in TWO WEEKS.  That does not even seem possible!  Every day I have wanted to post, but every day has been consumed with things to take care of and I never made it to the blog.  Then I would feel like it just wouldn’t be enough to drop in and post one photo.  So much has happened.  Consider this the catch-up post!

My right elbow has continued to give me major grief.  The pain is intense at times.  As much as I love the new Guild guitar, I have vowed not to pick it up again.  I know I can sell it for a handsome price, but we may keep it for a studio guitar.  That said, it’s always fun to shop for something new!  I found a beautiful, and beautiful-sounding 2005 Martin 000c-16rgte.

To show you guitar sizes. My new guitar is an AS size. Smaller than the dreadnaught size of the Guild. More slender in the center. Overall, a more comfortable guitar for my body size. Lesson learned.

Stay tuned for garden photos and more. Jason and I have been working on our respective family histories and we have had fun touring a few cemeteries. We have spread mulch, planted and reworked some areas of “Lynnwood.” Our cats, both at my apartment and at his house, entertain us all the time! In fact, Mars asked to be in my header photo today. I have lots to share. Just cannot seem to get here, but here’s to doing better!

Enjoy this day!

8 thoughts on “It Feels Like I Have Been Gone Forever”

  1. Hi Lynn, so sorry your elbow is still bothering you but wonderful you found a guitar that you are able to play.
    Mars is very handsome!
    Looking forward to seeing your garden photos.
    Take care!

  2. Mars makes a handsome Header picture!

    Sorry about the elbow pain. Have you done any doctoring for it? An elbow brace maybe….

    Enjoy your “jam-packed” days!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Luna, Mars sure is handsome, and he is very important, as he would certainly let you know if you were here. 😉 My elbow is getting better. If it flares again, I will see my doctor for sure. Hugs! Lynn

    1. MM — thank you! I have been icing it and taking ibuprofen. It is 100 times better already. Maybe switching guitars will keep it better once the swelling is gone and I feel back to normal. No more HUGE guitars for me! 🙂 XO Lynn

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