It is why I never want to go inside

I am in the paper studio right now. I have to wrap it up because we are getting together with some friends to record a vocal track. Anyway, maybe you can see why I don’t want to do anything but stay in my art studio. I am so grateful for this little space. I never thought I would be treated like such a princess. xo Lynn

4 thoughts on “It is why I never want to go inside”

  1. Dear Lynn,
    Lynn – hello! You are a princess, of course, and always have been! But, I agree with all the others, it is beautiful and says a lot about the artist who belongs there, I think we would all like to be in there and never leave either! It is beautiful and I can just see you in there now, I can just feel the peace and beauty through this computer screen! Its been a long time coming for you, so I am so happy for you- dreams do come true!
    Have a wonderful day! Terry

  2. Thank you so much, everyone! I do love it out here. Yes, I am in the Paper Studio now. Be still my heart! My sweetie is so good to me.

    Terry — I hope you are well, my longtime friend. xo Lynn

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