It’s Becoming More Like Home

My Dear Friends,

Can it really be four days since I posted?  And I was going to post every day!  Life is busy, though, and I find myself needing naps.  I suppose that’s normal.  I have also continued to weed out STUFF, taking almost daily trips to the dumpster, Goodwill or the consignment shop.  So therapeutic this is.  I cannot even tell you how good it feels.

It’s feeling like home here, and I find myself adapting, which brings about inner change.  Life is just that way.  Our minds and our bodies respond to our surroundings.  We encounter new things.  Maybe we like them, maybe we do not, but there’s suddenly a new normal.

Annie is loving it here.

She sprawls out on the floor with her deer antler and chews.  And chews.  And chews.

It’s a sight to behold.  Did I say already that Annie is my baby and that she is the spoiled rotten fatso beagle of the universe?

Finally, after a prolonged photo shoot, she wonders what I am doing and she stands up to look at me.  Go back to your antler, Annie.

I have continued to put new little touches around the apartment.  Pictures of family members sit atop a round table that came from the old house (it’s a garden table) and makes a perfect end table for the loveseat.

Some things make me sad, like glimpsing something Michaela and I were in the middle of for homeschool and will likely never finish.  Do you remember our Prairie Tuesdays?  We started our nature plates back then and still pull them out sometimes to reminisce.   I am so thankful for the years we had together homeschooling.

It has been a beautiful day here.  Fresh baked cookies, which I cannot partake of, but John and Michaela enjoyed them.  Sunshine so bright it was hard to see the computer screen!  All of our clothes washed, dried, folded and put away.  A new collection of farm charms for the shop.

Enjoy this day.


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