Jealous Kitty, Wandering Kitty

Dear Peeps,

I am sitting in the apartment with one of my babies.

Lucy is enjoying some snuggle time.

Brother Vladimir might be jealous, but that’s okay. It is usually Vladimir seeking the attention while Lucy is quiet!

While my kitties are snuggly warm, I can’t help but think of the fluffy gray kitty that lives somewhere close to my shop. Often he comes out from under the caboose to look at me, but he seems too afraid to come close to me. Sometimes I look out the shop window while I am working and I see him on top of the tin roof on the building next to me.

Today I saw Mr. Gray Kitty. He stopped, looked at me, scratched and went on his way.

Let’s hope Mr. Gray Kitty is okay. Actually it could be MRS. Gray Kitty. Hmmmm. If I find out I will let you know!

Layers and lace make me happy.

A beautiful lamp purchased for the shop. Actually there are two of them. Cleaned up and waiting on the perfect shades.

Enjoy this day!


14 thoughts on “Jealous Kitty, Wandering Kitty”

  1. Mr. Grey Kitty looks like he must belong to someone. Very well groomed and it doesn't look as though he's missed many meals. I'm hoping that he just uses the roof as a convenient lookout post and has a warm home to go to at other times.

    1. Vic, I think you are correct. Sometimes in the mornings I hear someone calling "Kitty!" But I never see anyone. Mr. Gray Kitty runs out when he hears it. I will say that there are a bunch of cats that live around that shopping area. There is a lady who comes nightly to feed them! xo Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I came from your mum's blog. You both write in the same sweet way, so if I had just stumbled across your blog, I think I would have recognized the family resemblance in the writing, and in your look as well! Your store is so cute, I wish you much success.

  3. Dearest Lynn,
    Your blog is always such a comfort to visit. There is nothing like a warm, purring kitty to snuggle with. Your babies are beautiful. =) Thank you for visiting me on my blog. It means so much to have your friendship. I think of you all the time. We at lunch at the Boxcar Grill in Marion today and I thought of you and your little shop. =) Hugs and Blessings, Valerie

    1. I bet lunch was fun! I always remember the book The Boxcar Children when I am in the shop. I am very thankful for your friendship!! I think of you very often as well. Love and hugs, Lynn

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