Latest sweet sweater creation

Dear friends,

Today is beautiful! It is chilly and breezy but the sun is shining and the sky is bright! I love it. I wanted to take a break from work today and share a picture that I scanned this morning.

I wish I knew exactly when it was taken. I think they look somewhat poor. I wonder if it is the 1920s. Or 1930s.

There are some names on the back. They were originally written in pencil and are so faded that I cannot read them all. However one is written over in ink: Pearl McBride.

I think I see Mary Emma Willis. And maybe Bill Marcus? Oh how I wish I knew where this was taken. When. Who. The story behind it. I finally decided to scan the back as well.

In other news, I embellished a sweater Recently and totally fell in love with it. I am working on two more. Here are pictures.

There are more new hats in the shop.

And I think the old photo makes a good advertisement.

Enjoy this day!


8 thoughts on “Latest sweet sweater creation”

  1. I do like that sweater! Judging by what the teacher is wearing in that picture, I'd say you are probably right re the dates. There must be some way to enhance that pencil on the back?…. I wonder if a young person could read it easier?

    1. Karen, I thought the same thing. Have put under bright light with a magnifying glass and just cannot make it out. Will try having my kids take a look if I can get them over here. Everyone is so busy! But I have really tried with no luck.

  2. 1920s I think maybe early 1930. The one girl on the end has a dropped waist dress. A School Photo and a very nice one! Sometimes I mess with the exposure and can get pencil to show up better…or a magnifying glass:)

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