A Little Bird Told Me

You have probably picked up on the fact that we enjoy using picture books for school, using Five In A Row for our lesson plans, and then when done I like to make a storybook souvenir for the dollhouse. Well, it was no different when we finished up Angelo. I wanted something in the dollhouse to remind us of Angelo.

Using a tiny bit of Sculpey clay, I fashioned a little bird’s nest with a straight pin. I added two teeny-tiny little eggs to remind us of Sylvia (the pigeon in the book) and how life goes on and on, generation after generation.

Princess of the Universe put the nest in the house, placing it on the top of a small vase that has guinea feathers in it. (My mom has guineafowl. Lucky woman.)Little things like this are SO easy to make. It’s a little thing that goes a long way in preserving a happy memory. There are directions for using and baking Sculpey right on the box. Directions are also easy to find on line with a Google search. Just always use care and supervise children when doing this.Lynn

2 thoughts on “A Little Bird Told Me”

  1. Dear Lynn,

    What a great idea! We’re really going to have to copy your ideas. Right now the girls have been making and playing with paper people, so a bird nest would be pretty easy!



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