Marie Corinne Streck

I really hope that someone researching the Streck family comes across this photograph. Look at the curls! And that sweet inquisitive face! On the back of the photo it is written three years five months. photographer is Rojas & Conner at 1007 Canal Street in New Orleans.

3 thoughts on “Marie Corinne Streck”

  1. Do you ever get any response when posting old photos with names from long lost relatives? I always feel so sorry when I find darling photos in antique stores thinking that surely someone in the family would have liked to have that just for the remembrance factor. I guess though that often there just isn't any family around to take possession.

  2. Hey, Vic. I feel the same way! I actually have once connected cousins, one in the States and one over in Ireland. It was over a family postcard that I had written about online. They gave permission for me to share their information so that they could get in touch over their family history. Very cool! xo

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