Maverick Doctors and Ice Packs

Well my baby is 19 today. That is hard to imagine! But believe me it’s real.  She is quite the sweet pea!!

19 and 54

In other news, bridges are important, on roads and in life.  I saw the doctor yesterday about my arm.  He was just a baby.  I remember back when I was younger than all my doctors.  He toddled in wearing tight black pants and a purple shirt.  The doctors of yore were rolling in their graves, especially as he said “got it,” every time I said half a sentence.  I am to continue on with ice packs and ibuprofen.  Got it!

On the road to Virginia.
You don’t mind if I eat breakfast here, do you?

Enjoy this extra-wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “Maverick Doctors and Ice Packs”

  1. Seems like just a couple of days ago your baby girl was just 12 or so when I started following your blog! Hope your arm gets better soon, so true about our doctors – especially the new residents! Happy weekend to you, Lynn –


  2. You have a very, very beautiful daughter.. Happy Birthday to her!

    Giggles… Doctor, younger than you. Just wait till you are 80, my Dear. Everyone will be younger than you. >,-)

    But… If I had a young doc, who said “Got it” to me, half way through every statement of mine, I would have told him to let me finish. We all know, docs can only take 15 min. with each patient today. But that kind of hurrying (“Got it!) is a wee bit toooo much.

    Luna sezzzzzzz…

    hugs, Luna Crone

    1. Luna, I am not going to see that physician again if I have a choice. He was nice as could be, but I felt rushed and like a statistic. xoxo

  3. Love you sweet cousin. I am like you where did time go. How did our babies get so old? I hope you had a good time with Andee.

    Love you.

    1. Mamasmercantile, thank you! My elbow has good days and bad days. I am going to have to be seen by a specialist. xoxo

  4. …you made me laugh out loud with this sentence: “He toddled in wearing tight black pants and a purple shirt.” (I so get that…and my son just turned 22, so I get that too! 🙂

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