Mountain Air

A recent trip to Boone, North Carolina.

Life is sweet. It’s short. It’s busy. I am on the road a lot lately. My children are all grown up. How did that happen? I have struggles. I have joy. They have struggles. They have joy. I guess I will be in the ding-dang “eclipse traffic” tomorrow. I’m glad I will be inside when it happens and not looking at it. I know there are people who want to travel to see it. I guess that’s not me. Singing in the wedding went well. I had a great day in the shop yesterday. My sweetie just bought us Tex Mex at Chuys and now we are riding. Well I am riding. He is driving. We hope to practice tonight. Maybe some day I will see my dream of having an RV with him and traveling around playing gigs at coffee shops and restaurants. And there is nothing wrong with busking. 😉

That is my diary-ous efflux for now.

Enjoy this day!

10 thoughts on “Mountain Air”

  1. What a life! You two look so happy,
    Who looks after your cats when you’re on the road? We always feel so guilty leaving ours when we’re traveling and working away even though our cat minder loves them as much as we do! xxx

    1. Hi Vix! If it is just for a night they are fine with plenty of food and water left behind. Otherwise a family member or neighbor takes care of them. And we offer the same to others when they are away! xo Lynn

  2. Hey Lynn! You look so happy! I too am inside during the eclipse, will look at it later?? There are quite a few buskers in Asheville and a Nikki Talley was a busker from around here, she is a pretty well known musician now. So, the best is yet to come! You 2 look like a contented couple, very much into each other– so so happy for you, I wish you much happiness–Terry

  3. Grab the good stuff!!!! Hold on with all your might!!! 🙂

    Lovely photo of the both of you!

    These are quite precious years, my Dear. As I said, enjoy them and live them, to the fullest.

    Many, many gentle hugs, Luna Crone
    Who will watch it on tv. No chances with “glasses” for me!

  4. hi lynn!!!
    the “mountain air” looks beautiful (as do you and your sweetie).
    and riding around in an rv playing in coffeehouses sounds so YOU…..what a dream to live out!
    blessings to you & thinking of you 🙂
    your old friend,

    1. Connie!!! My friend. Thank you! I am enjoying each day with a little view of present joys and a big view of hopes and dreams!! xoxo Lynn

  5. You look so happy!! I am glad that you are enjoying your life. I hope that your dreams come true of getting a RV and traveling and singing ! Love you sweet cousin.

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