My Little Zen Garden

Happy Winds-day, as Pooh likes to say!  It feels good to get a chance to sit down and catch up here, and I look forward to catching up on all of your posts too, my blog friends.  I have been busy gardening and playing guitar, as usual, including another recent jam with friends.  There is something about playing in a small familiar group that is very nerve-racking to me!  (Or nerve-wracking.  I’ve seen both.  But I digress.) The point being made is that, for me at least, it is often harder to do something so personal in front of very close friends than it is to do in front of a group of strangers.  Playing is very personal.  It is very exposing.  Anyway, I am grateful for the group of friends I have who share this experience with me.

Then there is my garden.  Oh, be still my heart, little places are coming alive in Lynnwood!  I will share the most recent photos of the one fenced-in haven I have.  I am very afraid the tomatoes won’t get enough sun to produce fruit.  They get, I think, about 4 hours of direct sun and then dappled light.  We shall see.  Jason and I are currently outlining new areas that get even more sun.  Next year, or maybe later this season, we will have vegetables there.  For now, we experiment with my one fenced-in spot.  Meanwhile, the deer still visit and eat what they like where they can get to it.

The plant with the dainty white blooms is Euphorbia “Breathless White”

I fell in love with the bright purple pot and the trailing coleus.
The garden is taking shape.
I love this little kitty face that guards the garden gate.

I like unusual items to use for edging. This cement brick was found earlier in the year at the Scrap Exchange.

Enjoy this day!

16 thoughts on “My Little Zen Garden”

  1. Hey Lynn! You know, I am more self conscious and nervous around family and friends than strangers too. The little garden is looking pretty. I love the touches of purple. Remember the time I had Coleus growing in that little room with all the windows at out old house in Aberdeen? Plants grew really good there. 🙁 That room was almost a greenhouse.

    1. Hey, Mama! Thank you. Yes, I do remember the laundry room and your plants. What a pretty room. You are so strong for dealing with what you did in that house! Thank you for always making a home for me and Andee! I love you! xoxo Lynn

  2. Your photos are breathtaking… Those ‘bokah’ or whatever it is called…. Clear up close… and hazy in background. Love such pics!!!!

    T-storm coming. I get off computer. 🙂

    1. Mamasmercantile, thank you! Yes, I think it’s normal to be more nervous around those we love the most. Jason says that can very much be the case, and he has played for years. xo Lynn

  3. Everything looks so healthy! I’m glad you got the new garden started. After the deer ate the first! I’m sure it is very frustrating. My deer have not found my garden yet in my front yard. I have a birdfeeder out back that they have been visiting and I am hoping they stick to the backyard where I have no plants! xo Andrea

  4. Your garden is inspiring me, Lynn! You’re making me itch to get out in mine – trouble is it’s lashing it down!!
    I love your cat faced plaque.
    I can’t imagine how nerve racking it must be to perform in front of a crowd of people. Jon used to do it for a living. It would be my worst nightmare! xxx

    1. Hi, Vix!! Thank you. I am loving being in a garden again! We just had a load of mulch delivered this morning. I also purchased more fencing so that I can move my veggies to a sunnier spot! xoxo Lynn

  5. Hey Lynn! Long time, no getting my “lynn fix”! I can see you are so very happy, some day I will get to meet you I hope! How are the kitties and Annie? Your animals are such loves! You are an inspiration to me and many others, I am so in awe of how far you have come in your life. I wish I had half of your drive! Just want to say how amazing I think you are and hope you can give us some tips on “deconstructing and reconstructing” beautiful fashions like you do seemingly effortlessly! God Bless You! Always love, Terry in Asheville

    1. Terry, it is so good to hear from you!! I miss you! Yes, I want to meet you some day. Life is very good for me right now. As my sweet mama, Henny Penny knows, I do have my dark days! I struggle over having moved so many times. I struggle over some of the choices I made in the months after leaving Thomas, my carpenter husband. I had no idea how frail and vulnerable I was after years of being in what felt like boot camp! But now I live one simple day at a time. I try to deal with emotions head on and be content with exactly what I have this day! I forgive myself for marrying too quickly after leaving a place where I was starved for even a word of encouragement.

      I do hope for a permanent rest-of-my-life with Jason. What a gentleman! What a support for me in every single thing I do! He is a best friend and supporter first, and then comes such a deep respect and love. I digress. My cats are great. Annie broke our hearts, or should I say having to rehome Annie broke our hearts. I cannot go into too much here, but one of my children had a major medical crisis a couple of years ago. I left the apartment in a huge medical hurry to go to the hospital where my child was hospitalized for over a week. Annie had food and water, but the first 24 hours after I left she howled. She clawed at the inside of the door. She knew something was wrong. All of my apartment neighbors had a fit. I was not forced to rehome Annie, but it was not a good situation, especially not knowing if my child would get better or worse. The situation did not look good. I miss Annie Fatso Beagle of the Universe every single day. I hurt for not being her forever mama. Michaela and I both hurt. Annie snuggled me every time I cried. We have had some harsh times to deal with, but nothing compared to what others deal with, so I just keep moving forward. There were good folks involved in making sure Annie got placed in a new home. Besides that, my heart won’t allow me to think about it. I am glad you asked. I would do an Annie-update post, but I don’t think I can. Much, much love to you!! Lynn ps — I plan to start a lace dress soon and will try to do post by post instructions!

      1. Completely understand, lovely sister of my heart! I hope and pray with all of my heart that you can spend the rest of your life with Jason. Sometimes you have to wait all of your life for the love of your life, and for myself, I don’t think I will ever have it. But, nonetheless, like you I have dark days, but you are ever the light at least on your blogs. I am really a big fan of you making music and I hope to see your star shine ever brighter. I did not know about Annie, but God knows you have been through enough and Annie knows you love her, always, always. Keep
        your little light shining as my granny always said- hug Henny Penny for me, too. T

        1. Terry, thank you so much! You are so kind, and I think of you as a kindred sister as well! Sometimes I think of when we first connected here. Seems like yesterday, but seems like forever ago. Henny Penny is very huggable, so I will indeed give her a big hug for you! Never give up on love. When I went to take guitar lessons, a relationship was the last thing on my mind. I was actually ready to swear off relationships forever. But there it was! I think it knocked us both over the head! xoxo Lynn

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