My Orchid Blooms Again

I have watered it exactly as directed: two little plastic cups full, once a week.  It has been sitting in a conditioned space (my sweet shop) in a bright window all throughout the past year.  And guess what!

The orchid Jason bought for me is blooming again. I have never kept an orchid this long, so I really didn’t even know if it would bloom a second time. How sweet!

In guitar news, we did manage to see that amazing performer I alluded to last week. Tommy Emmanuel. He has done a TED talk that will explain a bit about how he plays guitar and how he thinks of music. It was an amazing show! I just cannot even say in words how inspiring he was.  His opening act, Joe Robinson was great for sure, and the light show during Tommy Emmanuel’s music was phenomenal.

Seeing someone so amazing can inspire you greatly, or it can make you timid about ever picking up your guitar again!  We decided to keep on trying!

Enjoy this day!


7 thoughts on “My Orchid Blooms Again”

  1. Congrats on your orchid blooming again. Mine lived for six months or so and then I killed it. Didn’t mean too!
    Have a good week!

  2. congrats on your orchid…I had one re-bloom once but it surely does take patience! Well I guess seeing that performance not only brought you enjoyment but a stimulus for working at your guitar even harder! xo Andrea

  3. Your orchid is beautiful, Lynn. I have had one orchid in my life time and it was short lived. I have a sister-in-law who has the perfect lighting for them and hers are beautiful, too.

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