New Grapevine Wreath Embellished and Ready for Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

This evening I could not decide what to do.  I was so restless.  I felt like I should practice my guitar, and there are several sewing projects I need to work on, but I also have a bag of vintage floral pieces, including beautiful velvet leaves, and a bunch of vintage ornaments for wreath making.  One more thing to put off.  What to do!  I decided to just start on a wreath.  I began placing the items on the wreath.  A little bit of time and a few finger pokes later (they drew blood!), I have a beautiful finished wreath to go into the shop on Saturday.


I wish I had a place to hang the wreath so that you might see how pretty it really is! I held it against the brick fireplace, but there is nothing to hang it from, so no way to take pictures that way.  I could go outside to get photos in a natural setting, but it’s dark! So you will have to just try and get an idea of how pretty this would be on a heavy front door while it is yet hanging on a bright white folding door in front of the laundry room.


I love the velvet leaves. A couple of years ago I purchased a whole lot of these. They have embellished quite a few wreaths now, as I work my way through the large bag of them!


Last year I made several wreaths, even harvesting grapevine from the woods. I have yet to harvest any grapevine this year, but it is certainly on my to-do list. This wreath was one I had in storage. I honestly don’t remember if I made it or bought it.


Stay tuned for gardening photos, coming soon!

Enjoy this day.


2 thoughts on “New Grapevine Wreath Embellished and Ready for Sidetracked”

  1. Dear Lynn, You are so talented. What a beauty! It makes my heart glad to see your blog up and running again. I have missed it and you so much! Love, love this beautiful wreath. Hugs and can’t wait to see the garden photos. xoxo Val

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