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Dear Peeps,

Happy Monday! It is very cold here today but I have my coffee. Love my coffee! I might as well say first that I am going to start adding items to my blog that are for sale. Yay!

I scanned more old photos over the weekend. They are awesome. I am trying to scan everything and record any personal messages from each old photo before I sell it. I think it is important for people who are researching their family history.

Notice the striped pants. I don’t think this photo needs any explanation.

And this lovely girl!! I think summer outfits looked so much prettier when they had some modesty about them. This is definitely classy but pretty sizzling, don’t you think?

This lady is adorable! I love her eyebrows. Notice the New Jersey maps behind her.

And this sassy girl has some tights that I would like to have.

In other news, I now have one of the seashell lamps in the shop. It is very pretty. Just a clear glass base filled with wonderful seashells and an older but clean white lampshade. The lamp is about 18 inches tall, 28 inches tall with the shade.

I might as well include my daily outfit post today.

Lace skirt, two long T-shirts layered, and a short sweater that ties in front. Leather boots Steve madden.

Enjoy this day!


11 thoughts on “New Items and More”

  1. What a darling outfit, Lynn….and it looks so good on you. Love your lamps and cute old time pictures too. Any news on that new baby yet?

    1. Thank you! Still days of no contractions but then days with lots of strong contractions. She is still a couple of weeks out from due date. We shall see. They feel the baby is already large…


  2. You have your own style, and it looks really good on you! I really like the seashell lamp, and those old pictures are fun, especially the girl in the shorts…oh that tiny waist!

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