Niche Gardens

Be still my heart!  I mentioned the words “garden center,” and Jason took me straightaway to Niche Gardens, a place I have not had a chance to visit in a long time!  It is sort of a drive out into the country, but the customers make their way out there due to the large variety of plants, especially hardy, unusual and native plants.  They have rows and rows of plants for sale, whimsical garden displays, a few garden statuary items, and — the gem of it all — a beautiful woodland garden where they display a lot of what you can buy there.  Enjoy!

The huge woodland garden is packed full of perennials! There are beautiful specimen trees. The ground is a literal carpet of moss, pebble pathways, blooming ground covers and wispy fairy-like plants! I was in love. I felt loved. I loved it!

Enjoy this day!

8 thoughts on “Niche Gardens”

  1. What a gorgeous place Lynn! That is my dream garden centre. It must have been hard to choose what plants you wanted. So much to choose from.
    Take care!

    1. Hi, Robin! I do think you would love it! It was sooo hard to choose. I will soon share pictures of some of my choices. 🙂 xo Lynn

  2. I love garden centers that showcase plants in their normal habitat. It gives you a real idea as to what will work in your garden area, how much area they will take up ultimately, and which plants make for a lovely combination.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    That looks like my kind of place! That’s what I’m dreaming of for our little farm, selling native plants and having a butterfly house to display them in (with butterflies, of course).



    1. Marqueta, if you can dream it, you can do it! I hope that works out for you! You would love this place!


    1. Hi, Valerie! Aww, thank you. 🙂 We had a good time, and I am just loving having a few minutes in the garden here and there. Love and hugs! xo Lynn

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