North Carolina Sunrise

Another week has flown! I find myself not having posted for 8 days!

This morning, Jason captured a beautiful North Carolina sunrise with our DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter. That is an affiliate link.  I love Amazon, by the way.  I have Amazon Prime.  The photos are stunning!

Call me a Carolina girl!

So what else has been happening over the last week? I have continued to work on a sweet, tiny sanctuary of a garden in “Lynnwood.” Let me preface my garden photos with this video. This will undoubtedly illustrate for you just how familiar the deer are with folks around here. No fear. Eating everything from native plants to cultivated plants labeled “deer proof.” Deer proof. Yeah, right.

That said, here are some garden photos.

A collapsible twig door. Lots of potted veggies and herbs.
This tiny fenced-in garden will be my haven from the deer. The centerpiece is a new clematis that is heartily trying to grow, but the deer keep eating it! A sweet friend saved my stepping stones from the old house.
With a few bricks from the old house, and a significant token from the foundation of the old house, I have formed a bed in the ground for seeds.
Knowing how perennials fill out, and how structures and pathways give bones to a garden, I know the garden will feel softer and more lush over time. For now, it’s new, and it looks new! Ugh.

I have great plans for this little garden. It gets lots of sun. I am seeing more birds, more butterflies, and I can’t wait to put in a little chair so I can sit in my Zen garden and watch the tomatoes grow! I hope the deer will not jump this fence, but my hope is to expand and heighten a few fenced-in areas to give myself some garden sanctuaries set up on the edge of Lynnwood, a pine garden with a pathway, birds, deer, frogs, and native plants.

In other gardening news…

The blooms are dreamy and perfect.
A beautiful pale pink azalea.
This orchid from Jason is going into its second year. I cannot believe I have nurtured it for this long! It survives and thrives!
A beautiful orchid from my dear Jason. The orchid will soon be two years old (to me).

I hope this week will allow me to post more about day-to-day activities, especially the garden. There’s a gig coming up. I have a lull between classes. Work and family keep me busy. I would love to hear any thoughts you might have on gardening!

Enjoy this day!

12 thoughts on “North Carolina Sunrise”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Ha…naughty deer. they are beautiful though, aren’t they! Someone told me deer will eat anything even though there are certain plants that are supposed to be “deer proof”!
    I like your new garden fencing!! xo Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Yes, the deer are pretty, but drive me crazy! I believe you heard right: deer will eat anything! 🙂 xo Lynn

  2. Those deer are so tame! ! I like your little fenced-in space. The garden is looking pretty. You have a lot of space to turn into a garden there. You have always had a green thumb, but that doesn’t help much when the deer are watching and waiting. 🙂 That is a beautiful sunrise. Love you! Mom

    1. Hey, Mommy! I hope the garden will get better and better. I think it will. I just need to keep at it. You have the green thumb! I love you! ~Your oldest and most difficult child

  3. Dear Lynn,

    Those naughty deer! They ate a spider plant in my front yard one year (thankfully it grew back).

    May your garden be blessed and deer-proof!



    p.s. The photos are gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Marqueta! Thank you for the kind wishes regarding the garden. I have been thinking about you and wondering about your move. I know moving is a HUGE undertaking! 🙂 Love, Lynn

  4. beautiful, beautiful photos! all….

    oh mercy, with so many deer, you must have to check for ticks, constantly. -sigh-

    your gardens are, and will be so lovely….

    Luna Crone

    1. Luna, thank you so much! Yes, I do worry about ticks, but honestly we have not see any deer ticks at all. I know they are tiny. xo Lynn

  5. Those photos are gorgeous!
    All your hard work in the garden puts me to shame. The worst predator we have to beat are slugs, no cute deers here. xxx

  6. You should try spraying for deer. I have a large yard and many garden beds and alas a herd of about 4 to 6 deer through the yard (two deer trails are clearly visible) most days.

    I alternate using Bobbex (which you can only get online) and Liquid Fence. Both stay on through rains and last for around 3 weeks (in spring when new growth is coming on) to a month. I always buy the concentrate—-diluted it makes quite a lot—– and a gallon runs around $40 to $50 dollars for each but will take you through the spring, summer and fall with some left over for next year. These two really do work and it doesn’t take that much time to spray a lot of flowers and only doing it about once a month is not a real outlay of time.

    Without a 8 foot fence this is really the only way to have flowers anymore.

    Watch out for ticks. I saw a presentation about them a month or so ago and the complications from tick bites can be really serious. Caught early it can be dealt with but there are lingering problems even when when the initial problem is taken care of—–this was reported by someone who has actually had lyme disease so it’s not just hearsay.

    1. Victoria, thank you for the information! I agree with you. And yes, ticks are horrible things! I have a friend dealing with late-stage Lyme, and she has a lot of lasting adverse effects from it. She might see this and comment or not, but she has a great blog about her struggles with Lyme: Lilac and Lyme —

      Thanks again for the information! xo Lynn

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