Not All That Glitters

Good morning!

 Sometimes I wish that I could just let loose here and tell you everything I’ve been through. But I know it’s not right. Some things don’t belong on a blog. In addition, I believe grace demands that we move on and allow others to move on as well.   I am a work in progress and I have learned a lot in the last five years about forgiveness and patience and how much we don’t know our own hearts at times.

 I did a search on Google for images attached to a mother’s journal, to try to gather up some images that I don’t have in my own possession at the moment. As you might remember, I have had two computers to die in the last five years. Both of them have hundreds, maybe thousands, of images that I need to retrieve when I have the time and money to take them to someone who can take care of that.

 I guess on the bright side I won’t be contacted for greenhouse parts, but on the other hand I lost my post about the little portable greenhouse. It had garnered many many comments and had become a resource for people buying that particular greenhouse. My post about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is gone. My post about skincare is gone. Onward and upward, however!

 It was like a trip down memory lane to see some of the outfits and hairstyles that Google has stored in its archives! Maybe you will remember some of these photos that I leave you with. I am busy working today, but plan to use my lunch break to pot up some rosemary for the shop. I will take pictures. I have been busy making a grapevine decoration for the staircase as well.  Stay tuned!

I am definitely going to start a new skincare post. I will also do an updated post about my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Things change as I age. Of course!

Enjoy this day!

2 thoughts on “Not All That Glitters”

  1. Hello Lynn. I used to love visiting you at A Mother's Journal. I remember those pictures. Sorry that you lost the pictures. I hope you are well. I "rediscovered" you when I was looking through old blog posts of mine and I linked to your old blog saying how much I enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Jennifer, Thank you so much! I sometimes feel panic when I think of it all lost! But at least I printed many pictures and made books and scrapbooks from out homeschooling! xoxo Lynn

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