Oh My Dear Goodness

I feel a bit like Piglet.  (Mama, do you know what I mean?)  In a panic.  In a rush.  More to do than I can do!  I have been working many hours out of town lately.  It has been a real challenge.  If I did not love my job so much, and all that they offer me, I think I would have “give out” by now.

In addition to work, I have been extremely busy closing the shop down.  It took months and months (years) to stock it up to where it is now, so tearing it down has been a process.  I have had several large and very successful sales, thanks to my sweet customers.  I have moved out about 400-500 items during recent sales.  Now I am boxing up, bagging up, donating, storing, all in preparation for my little private studio/workshop.

Then there’s Etsy.  Ahhh, Etsy.  I have been really focusing on my Etsy shop.  Peeps, it’s a good and happy thing.  Just busy, busy, busy!

Here is a treasure I found recently. For my garden.

The real thing. Heavy as lead. Beautiful detail. Not plastic. 7 dollars. Lucky me.

Enjoy this day.

7 thoughts on “Oh My Dear Goodness”

  1. Hi Lynn, love your new statue! What a bargain.
    Sounds like you have been extremely busy. Hope you have had some time to relax.
    Take care!

  2. Hey Lynn! Way to go…sorry you are so busy but at least you have a job you love! Wish I could have come to your sales, I would have loved to..The little statue is quite a find, bless you, you deserve it!
    XO Terry

  3. Oh my! Yes, yes, yes, I do know, Lynn! 🙂 I LOVE that statue. How do you find such deals! I love you!! Mom

  4. Dear Lynn,

    So sorry I haven’t been by to visit for a while; life has been a bit upside down! Are you still working doing medical transcription?



    p.s. I love the statue!

  5. Take it easy, “Honey-Bun”…

    Everything will still be there, next day.

    I know, that doesn’t apply when one hassss to get things done. But please, don’t push too hard.

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

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