Oh My Dear Goodness

I feel a bit like Piglet.  (Mama, do you know what I mean?)  In a panic.  In a rush.  More to do than I can do!  I have been working many hours out of town lately.  It has been a real challenge.  If I did not love my job so much, and all that they offer me, I think I would have “give out” by now.

In addition to work, I have been extremely busy closing the shop down.  It took months and months (years) to stock it up to where it is now, so tearing it down has been a process.  I have had several large and very successful sales, thanks to my sweet customers.  I have moved out about 400-500 items during recent sales.  Now I am boxing up, bagging up, donating, storing, all in preparation for my little private studio/workshop.

Then there’s Etsy.  Ahhh, Etsy.  I have been really focusing on my Etsy shop.  Peeps, it’s a good and happy thing.  Just busy, busy, busy!

Here is a treasure I found recently. For my garden.

The real thing. Heavy as lead. Beautiful detail. Not plastic. 7 dollars. Lucky me.

Enjoy this day.

7 thoughts on “Oh My Dear Goodness”

  1. Hey Lynn! Way to go…sorry you are so busy but at least you have a job you love! Wish I could have come to your sales, I would have loved to..The little statue is quite a find, bless you, you deserve it!
    XO Terry

  2. Dear Lynn,

    So sorry I haven’t been by to visit for a while; life has been a bit upside down! Are you still working doing medical transcription?



    p.s. I love the statue!

  3. Take it easy, “Honey-Bun”…

    Everything will still be there, next day.

    I know, that doesn’t apply when one hassss to get things done. But please, don’t push too hard.

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

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