Oh my dear peeps,

Adventures never cease. The shop brings delight to me, and this week especially it brought some visitors who just made my heart sing! A beautiful young couple came in. The man had a kitten snuggled into his zipped-up jacket. He made sure it was okay with me to bring the kitten in. Of course!! Bring the kitten!

As it turns out, they saw a kitten on line, fell in love with him and then drove from New York to pick this kitty up!

This kitten may look like a typical black and white at first, but it is long haired! Look at the beard! I found myself so drawn to this sweet couple who were so well mannered and polite. He bought her a hat. The more I looked at him the more he reminded me of my oldest son.

I told him how much. He said he’d like to see a picture of my son. I did not have one at the moment but I did text him the pictures I took of him, his pretty girlfriend and their new kitten. Fast forward to today when my big boy Daniel came by to see me. I told Daniel the story. He could see the same resemblance. So we had fun taking a quick picture of Daniel and then putting it side by side with our visitor’s picture.

Can you see it? I then enjoyed texting the picture to my visitor and telling him about his NC twin. He called me “NC mom” and wished me Happy Holidays. I don’t know. Maybe it is just me, but I love thinking of the fact that there are so many good and kind people in the world.

This evening I did some shopping for the shop. What fun. Oh peeps.

Enjoy this day!

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