One Hundred Fifty Years Old — Journal from the Civil War Era

Anyone who knows me knows that I love old things.  Searching for antiques is one of my favorite things to do.  I won’t say it is commonplace, but finding something that is 75 to 100 years old happens pretty regularly.  However, finding things from the Civil War era and older is less common, and it is always a treat that stirs my heart to find something so old!  I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pages from an old journal I discovered recently.

Oh my! The script in this is just beautiful. And look at problem #5. So old!
Again, the handwriting is just breathtaking. And look at the illustration.
I am in love with this old journal! The handwriting and drawings throughout the text are so sweet.
Notice the date of 1866.

I took this ledger-size book to a local antique dealer to speak with him about the value of some of the things I have found.  This is not the only item I found, but this is the oldest.  I may or may not sell these items, but I want them priced appropriately if I do, so that they hopefully go to people who will value them and care for them properly.  My intent is to scan and put on line the various news clippings for preservation for the future.

“What is this book, anyway?” you might be thinking.

It is actually a ledger-style notebook. My friend (he has been dealing in antiques for decades) said that it looked as if this was either a student’s or teacher’s book for school notes. We are not sure which, though it may become clear after reading each page more carefully. During the Civil War there was a shortage of many things including paper. The owner of this ledger began to repurpose it as a scrapbook, so the first portion of the book has newspaper clippings pasted over the top of the beautifully written pages. I will share more of it as time allows. Isn’t it amazing? To think, 150 years old.  My friend Dennis was nice enough to look at several things I took in for his appraisal.  Stay tuned.

In Meowfia news, Amelia just informed us that she has opened a catering business and restaurant. We had no idea! The cats are very good at keeping secrets.

Hopefully this will be successful. We are just drained from all of Mars’ various endeavors and career moves. He changes jobs at the drop of a hat. In fact, lately he has been moping around. We are worried he is about to start some new undertaking that will turn us all upsidedown again.

Mars thinks.

And if you think Vlad and Lucy are any better at keeping things even-keeled, well think again.

Constant shenanigans!!!

This is a lunch break for me, a time to have fun in the middle of a busy day. School goes very well! Work is rewarding. The shop is still my happy place. My guitar is sometimes at the forefront and sometimes in the background, depending on other deadlines and obligations. We recently had a light dusting of snow and it is very cold out, but I am waiting for and believing in springtime!

Enjoy this day!

8 thoughts on “One Hundred Fifty Years Old — Journal from the Civil War Era”

  1. Dear Lynn,

    You got snow! We’re getting snow and freezing weather right now, and the poor magnolias are all brown and ugly. I hope you don’t get such cold!
    That notebook is truly amazing; the handwriting (weren’t we going to work on ours?)!!!



    1. Marqueta, yes! We were going to work on it! Ugh. I need lots of help in the handwriting department! It is bitter cold here today, supposed to be in the 20s. The plants are not liking it at all. 🙁 I hope you have a wonderful week! Love, Lynn

  2. That is so neat! I love history too, and Civil War history is very, very interesting! Beautiful writing and illustrations too. Good luck to the kitties..ha… xo xo Andrea

    1. Hi, Andrea! I agree. I have a lot of Civil War photos that were sort of like calling cards. They are very interesting. The faces, the dress. It’s just a marvel to look through stacks of them and think about how they lived. xo Lynn

  3. Wow, that is quite a find Lynn! I love the writing and illustrations. All your kitties are so cute.
    Have a good week!

  4. Dear Lynn,
    Wow! What a find! It always gives me goosebumps to hold something super old. Your kitties are the most adorable ever! Love all of their photos. Hope your week is wonderful.

    1. Dear Valerie,
      I love finds like this! I wish you could see the handwriting in person. It is amazing to hold something so old!
      Love and hugs,
      ps – Vladimir said to tell you “meow.”

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