Doll House Kitchen Set

We splurged, which you know is usually not our style around here.

Yesterday at A.C. Moore we were totally smitten with the doll house furniture sets. Good thing we had a coupon!

We picked out one set of furniture, because it’s really nice, if the family can afford it, to have quality furniture. We won’t be doing this all the time, but as my daughter pointed out, it really matches the new rug we made! The set was about 14 dollars, but A.C. Moore frequently has coupons for as much as half off one item in the Sunday paper.


My daughter and I have been working on some rugs for the doll house — hers painted and mine done with colored pencils. After hers had dried, we took the rugs upstairs to determine which rooms to put them in.

I love this face. She’s wondering where to put the rug.

This is the rug that ended up in the children’s room of the doll house.

We are waiting for our coat of mod podge to dry. Then we’ll put another one on. We talked about women who had to make real rugs by hand to keep their real floors warm — a lot of work! It reminded us of the Virtuous Woman who “worketh willingly with her hands.”

The kitchen rug is drying as well. It won’t be long before we can put all the furniture back in. Won’t that be nice?

Last of all, we took a tiny picture frame that we found at the thrift store awhile back for a quarter and we put a picture of the two of us in it. Where is it? You guessed it. In the doll house den.

Overall, I’d say it’s been a pretty productive day.


Inexpensive Doll House Bathroom

I wanted to share was a couple of bargains we got at the Dollar Tree. Not all of their doll house furniture is worth buying — some pieces would break almost immediately, I think, but they did have this cute cabinet with doors that open. And they had a bathroom set that we needed since there was no commode in the dolls’ bathroom!

I dont’ think we went wrong for 2 dollars.

Happy playing,

The lesson with the doll house money is going to be a great one. My daughter counted the money and added it all up again herself, which was good math practice for her. The amount seemed large to her, but she shook her head “no” when I asked her if she thought that much money would run a real home for a year.

What I am going to do is have her subtract the amount of any house-related expense from the total, and we’ll see how fast this money is gone. (It’s a good lesson for me too!)

She was astounded at how quickly the money dwindled down in just one day of bill paying.