Doll House Accessories

When you go thrift store shopping, always look at things with an eye for what they could be in your doll house.  Crocheted pot holders make great doll house blankets.

This is a nice, crocheted pot holder but look how warm it keeps Strawberry Shortcake!

Trivets made from various textiles make great rugs!

This bright yellow trivet makes a great rug in our doll house.

The great thing is that most things like this only cost about a quarter.  It does not have to be expensive to have a great doll house.  Teach your daughter to bargain shop for her doll house just like we bargain shop for our real houses!


Kids Won’t Clean Their Room?

I was so stunned.  My daughter asked me to come look at her room last night so she could show me what she had done.  Granted, we cleaned her room up together a few days ago, but I really think my being up there daily and playing dolls with her has helped her to take a new interest in keeping her room presentable.

She had put all the stuffed animals together into a “center,” she called it.
It looked so sweet!  Like a HUGE stuffed animal family.

She also put all the dolls together in a center.  I was really proud of her to know that she had been working in her room while I was gone.
And she insisted that I give her the camera to hold at arm’s length to get a picture of us together in her room…

Enjoy this day!