Can you reverse osteoporosis?

What in the world is this? You may wonder.

For the past 24 hours I have been simmering beef bones and vegetables. Henny Penny and I have talked a lot about osteoporosis the past few days. I think a weekly dose of lots of mineral-rich broth would be a start as far as natural remedies. Herbs: another resource to look into.

What are your thoughts on osteoporosis? I’m trying to prevent it at this point. Supplements? Exercise? Natural remedies? Pharmaceuticals?

Do you think it can be reversed?

Enjoy this day!


Do You Corset?

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out. I’ve donated four more bags of clothing and such. It seems this has been an ongoing process as I have moved from place to place and realized that, often, less is more.

I came across my corset, a really nice one that I forgot I had. I put it on and wore it for about half an hour. It’s amazing how it feels when you’re wearing it and then how you feel when you take it off.

Do you use a corset to help slim your waist?

Enjoy this day,


Tour of Henny Penny’s Sewing Room

Good morning!  I’m just hopeless, I suppose, at keeping up with this blog lately.  Excuses, excuses!!  But let me tell you, retiring from somewhere is busy.  Whew!  Yes, I left my position at the hospital where I have worked for the last 10 years.  I am changing course, not quite midstream, as I am getting close to what I feel is my “real” retirement age; however, I am making big changes at a time when I did not expect to do so.   There has been a lot of paperwork.  A lot of emotion from this change has got me cleaning house, purging possessions that I am sick of moving around (pretty soon I will be down to not much of anything except paper goods for A Bit of Birdsong, my guitar, and necessities), and looking for something new to do for a job.

Anyway, I saw my sweet mama over the weekend.  In case any of you are not aware, her blog is called Henny Penny Lane.  It’s a wonderful blog!  I asked her if I could make a video of her lovely sewing room.  I thought you all might like it!


Below is the sweet picture my mom included in her recent post about this same video. This is me and my sister from a few years ago. I was happy to see this picture again! I love it so!

Thank you for stopping in! Thank you all for the comments about my sweet children and my getting to see them. They sure make my heart sing!!

Enjoy this day,