New Little Art Journal

Ahhh, I love this little journal! It was SO very tempting to fill it up with ink and images and fabric and charms. Alas, I’ve let it go, blank and ready to journal in, to Etsy where it’s for sale. Not pushing sales here, mind you; that’s for Etsy!! Just thought you might want to see the little treasure!

I hope everyone has their new year off to a lovely start. It’s good here. I am loved. Creativity abounds. My children are so sweet to me. They are my heart!! And the true love that I wish I’d found when I was 20, my sweet Jason, he takes wonderful care of my heart and mind and spirit. We are so happy. I was sad and taken advantage of for a long time, but I am so thankful that I found my friend, my person, my everything, in my lifetime.

Enjoy this day! xxLynn

Completed December Daily journal!

Oh my goodness, it’s complete! On December 31st, I finished a month-long project to journal every day in a journal that I created especially for December 2018.

Many journal-keepers on YouTube do what is called a “December daily” where they journal and/or video daily. I did not quite get a video uploaded every day. Many days I did, but work and life got in the way some days.

That said, I thought you might enjoy seeing the video of this huge, beautiful, work-of-art journal. I have LOVED working in this!

I wish all of you a very wonderful, HAPPY 2019, full of prosperity and love and hope, and all that good stuff!!

Enjoy this day! xxLynn