Today I will attend the funeral of a friend who died this week from breast cancer. She wanted everyone to wear bright colors, especially bright pink. So I will wear pink. I have a new pink scarf just for today. It’s windy and cool today. I will dress warmly.

We’ve had some springlike days lately — earlier in the week, so some of the summery dress have migrated to the front of my closet.

I need to work on having a summer body, I suppose. Or not.

At work we have service dogs that come in to comfort the patients. I happened to meet Stuart earlier in the week on the elevator. He says hello.

I continue to list packs of Boho fabrics in my Etsy shop, ABitofBirdsong. Life is busy, and so it goes.

That’s all for now.

Enjoy this day.


Bohemian Gipsy Journal

Just in case you’d like to see bits of the video explaining my most recent handmade journal, there is a loooooong video telling all about it. Just in case. I am certainly not suggesting that anyone spend 42 minutes listening to me talk, but there are journal collectors out there who enjoyed it, I think.

This world of ephemera has put a star in my sky that makes me sooooo happy. I have always loved paper.  And here I am with a paper business. Be still my heart. You can put anything on paper. Gardens. Music. Clothes. Love. All.

Enjoy this day.

This day.

Woke up with a little bit of a sore throat. Feel great, however. Strained my oatstraw infusion. Took a fashion stump photo.

OK, so I took two pictures.

Stopped and filled up with gas. I have to drive to work today. Sat in a traffic jam because of traffic accidents. Sang really loud to my favorite Bonnie Raitt songs. I saw several accidents in this heavy fog we have today. One of them was an overturned tractor trailer.

I arrived to work safely, thank goodness. The fog is so thick!

Lunch was a salad in the cafe. With bread. Ugh. I know I should not cheat, but they do have the best bread.

Mixed greens. Garbanzo beans. Black olives. Broccoli. Cranberries. Ranch dressing.

I made it through the day. And went home.

Now it’s time to package up Etsy orders!

Enjoy this day!