Doll House Dresser For A Friend

doll_house_dresserJust wanted to share pictures of a dresser that was made to give away to an on-line friend.

Yes, the little matchbox drawers may be a bit wobbly, but so is Pooh’s spelling.

This dresser has tiny little batchboxes with tiny little drawer pulls.

I think everyone needs miniature, homemade doll house furniture.


Doll House Blanket

As I wrote a few days back, Princess of the Universe and I have been making blankets for the doll house. In the gift from Louise was also a piece of cheery fabric — just perfect for a doll house creation.

Little doll boy has a new blanket, trimmed with pom-poms and a dream-filled little pillow to match.

Louise, thank you again


A Sweet Gift

A special gift from a sweet on line friend. Louise must have known we needed blankets in the doll house.

The dolls are snug under this beautiful, warm, handmade quilt. Thank you.

And Louise sent an exquisite piece of art for the little dolls to hang in their modest home. (Miss Priss attached it where she wanted it with a little piece of sticky-tack.)

She is adorable!

Oh, and there is a book for the dolls to read! How did you know they were interested in faeries?

Louise, I want you to know that little Princess of the Universe set to work straight away drawing faeries and baby faeries in the book so her dolls would have lovely pictures to look at.

Louise, thank you ever so much.


The Prudent Man

“The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.”

Princess of the Universe and I talked about this verse from Proverbs and I told her what I thought it meant. The moment trouble stirs, the simple jump in with both feet without looking. A too-good-to-be-true “deal?” The simple run right after it. Not so the prudent man.

It was such a simple gesture, but last night in her room I picked up a couple of dolls and had them talking to each other.

“That kid is a pain. Let’s do something to him so he can’t play with us anymore. Let’s tell him he’s not welcome around here.”

Princess of the Universe walked right over, smiling.

The next thing you know these two little kid dolls were whispering their plans about how to get rid of the kid they didn’t like. No one wanted him around because he was mean.

Of course an older, wiser kid asked the two children if what they were about to do was very prudent.

“Do you think you should try to correct that little boy on your own, or should you go tell your mom?”

Princess of the Universe took over.

She had the little dolls walking into the parents’ room (of course waking up the newborn baby during a nap, who cried WAAAAAH WAAAAAAH), and they told Mom what they were thinking.

Mom sat down with the children and explained to them (my daughter’s words, not mine):

“Children if you try to correct that little boy, then he might go home and tell his mother about you and then you will be in trouble too. It’s always best to tell a parent.”

As we tucked all the dolls into their beds we lamented over the lack of adequate blankets in the house. What is the use of a fancy bed if you don’t have a proper blanket? We should have planned more wisely perhaps?

I told her it reminded me of The Virtuous Woman and how she was not afraid of the snow for her household because all of her household were clothed with scarlet.

Proverbs is so wonderful. It is like a treasure of practical advice for all, including children, and then the marvelous deeper meanings can be uncovered as we grow older and older. In fact, it would be a life-long project.

The next doll house project? Homemade blankets for the dolls’ beds.


Doll House Decluttering

We have done some decluttering of the doll house.

Hey. Even dolls can only move around and function so well when there’s too much clutter. Of course, it won’t do to throw out something you use from time to time, even if you’re in a decluttering frenzy. Now, that’s a lesson to teach!

You’ll see the fancy dog bed that Princess of the Universe made from a little tin from the thrift store and some fabric scraps. That dog sure has a nice bed.

She put a couple of pieces of wood on the “fire.” Of course the fireplace was drawn on paper and then decopauged to the wall.

The bathroom was also moved to a room with a fireplace (made from a cardboard papertowel roll), and yes that’s the man of the house in the bathroom currently. Ahem. I desired to edit this out, but Princess of the Universe insisted it should stay in. It is real life, after all.

How would you like a huge, round bathtub which allowed you to step out and dry in front of a roaring fire? Could be dangerous. But it could be warm. 🙂