Perfectly perfect creepy doll

Sitting out in the gravel parking lot, she had the perfect creep factor. Missing an arm and both feet, and her hair, I knew she would be perfect for some sort of art project. My dear friend Betty suggested photos for journaling.

How perfect would that be!

She didn’t have a price so they held her for me until the owner could put a price on her. For 3 dollars, she is my new partner in crime when it comes to thrift store haunting.

Isn’t she creepily awesome?

Enjoy this day.


3 thoughts on “Perfectly perfect creepy doll”

  1. The things you come home with!! Just kidding. She is a little creepy looking. I’m glad you found her. She looks like she really needs a friend and a home. I love you Lynn. Mom

  2. She’s beginning to grow on me and I see her beauty in her face more now, than I see her creepiness! She has a story to tell. Help her tell it! Love you.

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