Puzzle Pieces: Working Through Divorce

Sometimes life feels like a puzzle.

And actually somtimes you just need a puzzle.

I’ve been trying to keep the apartment quiet, clean and relaxing. I want us to do quiet, healing things.

Who can resist a puzzle?  I set one up on the card table, now that the card table is free (thanks to the new farm table from Goodwill).  We don’t work on the puzzle all the time, obviously, but sometimes the puzzle just calls out and it’s fun to sit down and find where a piece or two goes.

I wanted a sideboard for the wall that seemed so bare.  I still want a sideboard, and when I spot the one for me, I’ll know! It’ll have those celestial beams dancing all around it!    In the meantime, I was tired of that wall being bare and stuff sitting on the floor in front of it. But I cannot afford to buy furniture unless it’s the right price on the right day. Then I remembered a dresser sitting unused at “the old house.”  I hauled it to the apartment. I cleaned it up and put it in my bedroom.  Then the white dresser that had been in my bedroom was moved into our little dining area to be my sideboard.   A large scarf dresses it up.  It’s filled right now with all the makings of school scrapbooks for all the children.  I am nearly done with all scrapbooks for all children for all years. Just think! Only a few more to do.  By then maybe I’ll have found my sideboard and I can purge more books from the bookshelf and put the completed school scrapbooks in the big bookshelf. Then the sideboard can hold sideboard stuff (whatever that might be).

I went to The Little Wild Garden today.  One word.  Roses.  I could not resist picking some flowers.  The garden is full of them this year.  My beloved little garden. I know roses need water, but I tried not to cry on them. I’ll leave the watering to the rain. I picked with joy. I know that Edna St. Vincent Millay was glad under the sun and touched a hundred flowers and did not pick one, but I had no such restraint.

I rather like my flowers in the oatmeal container. I feel like I went down from the highlands to visit an English garden and all I had was my Irish oatmeal container to put them in. Cool.

I must run. My girl needs the computer for a school project.

Enjoy each day!


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