Quilt tops, a River Walk, and Kitties

The weekend was a whirlwind of busy-ness.  It started with a Friday walk on the Hillsborough River Walk.  We just missed the rain, getting our steps in before the drops started falling!  Jason and I admired again the amazing man-made stickwork structure by artist Patrick Doughtery.

I was in my sweet little shop Sidetracked on Saturday.  I love meeting my customers.  I had a new customer from Raleigh who found me on line.  She and her husband stopped in and we had a nice visit. Of course, the kitties (all four of them) keep life interesting and sweet.

Jason and I did a lot of garden work over the weekend, which was evidenced by my Fitbit blowing up with steps.  I managed a quick stop by The Scrap Exchange where I saw some beautiful quilt tops.  I passed them by without purchasing, but I did take a few pictures.

The entrance to the River Walk.
“A Sight to Behold” by Patrick Dougherty
Stickwork structure that is just amazing to see!
Looking up through the top of “A Sight to Behold”
A window inside the structure.
Sedums growing in a plant box at Sidetracked.
Quilt top at The Scrap Exchange.
Quilt top at The Scrap Exchange.
Amelia resting in my guitar case.
Mars resting in my guitar case.

Enjoy this day!

20 thoughts on “Quilt tops, a River Walk, and Kitties”

  1. Hi Lynn, your walk on a Friday looked lovely. Glad you got it in before the rain! The quilt tops are so beautiful, as are the kitties.
    Have a good week.

  2. The river walk is so pretty. I would love to go there some time. I love the pictures of Mars and Amelia in your guitar case. Those would be pretty framed and hung along with your guitar pictures. Those quilt tops are pretty! I love you! Mom

    1. Paige, I think your children would love it. And then you could play for awhile in Gold Park at the end of the walkway. xo Lynn

  3. Those stick structures were a delight to see. I wouldn’t have been able to walk past those stunning quilt tops, they were beautiful as are the pictures of the kitties.

  4. That is a neat walkway! Looks like you had a beautiful day too. Such pretty quilts. Maybe someday I will make one with all my scraps! Your kitties are cute. Funny how they are happy with your guitar case! It does look cozy. xo Andrea

    1. Hi, Andrea! My sister quilts. I don’t think I have the patience for anything other than a tie quilt with no real pattern! 🙂 xo Lynn

  5. Found you! Lovely to connect with you again, Lynn. I tried following you back when you left a comment before and couldn’t get any further, today it worked and I’ve added you to my Bloglovin’.
    Patrick Dougherty’s work is utterly spellbinding and your kitties make my heart melt. your quilts are truly beautiful. xxx

    1. Hi, Vix! Thanks so much for stopping in! I think you would love the stick structure. You are so artsy. xo Lynn

  6. The River Walk looks like it would be a wonderful place to visit! Glad you and Jason got your walk in before the rain started. 🙂

    The stickwork structure is amazing…and love the view from the window!

    Love all of the quilt top pictures. and your sweet kitties are so sweet resting in your guitar case.


  7. Your walk sounds amazing! What a beautiful place to visit. Love all of your kitty pictures. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day! xo

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