“Relic-ing” A Guitar

Dear Friends,

I am tired this evening. I hate to start a post with a complaint, but there you have it. I have missed some sleep lately and I am certainly the kind of girl who needs 8 hours a night. If I don’t get it, I feel it. As I have gotten older I find that I am sometimes okay with 7 hours but under 7 and I turn into Evil-lyn.

About the post title, maybe some of you will remember when I got the Fender two years ago and started playing. Well, that Fender is a very introductory not-expensive guitar and it had been damaged and repaired at some point. I love the guitar and won’t part with it, but it does not sound as good as something a little nicer. These days I play only my (Jason’s) Martin. I love that guitar. Yes. It was with wild abandon that I set about this afternoon distressing the Fender.

Peeps, I would NEVER do this to a new guitar. The fact that the Fender has some structural issues made me feel very comfortable with messing around with it. I am not done yet but maybe you can see a bit of the pink vibe I am going for. Speaking of guitar, I need to do my two year progress video soon. Has it really been two years! I cannot figure out how to embed a video with the iPad but here is the link to the one-year mark.

year 1 progress video

I need to practice more! I feel I should be so much further along than I am but I am not going to stop. I guess I will figure out something to play and do the two-year video soon.

In other news, I wanted to share a picture of Greyson watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. (Love that show!)

He reminds me so much of his dad and yet Joe was not this stocky at this age. He was maybe taller but definitely thinner. It could be that Greyson is just as tall as Joesph was at this age. It is hard to tell due to the weight. Anyway, Joseph is the biggest of my three boys, er uh, men. It will be interesting to see how Greyson grows.

Now, my other boy, Vlad, is pretty big too. He weighed in at 16 pounds last week. Goodness. I call this shot of Vlad “Put Me Down.” Vlad’s sister Lucy weighed in at 12.2, so she is no featherweight.

She is a pretty girl.

Finally, I wanted to share another recently scanned photo. Look at her collar and the cross and the flower pinned onto her blouse. I would love to see the whole outfit. Again, I wish I had more info.

I am off to practice a bit and then to bed.

Enjoy this day.


4 thoughts on ““Relic-ing” A Guitar”

  1. I listened again to your 1-year progress report and Lynn, I really like it! I had forgotten how good you did that song. Greyson is so cute! That picture reminds me of you at that age, only because of how wrapped up you would get, standing in front of the TV watching Romper Room School…was that the name of the show?? Love you Lynn.

    1. That is so cool! Seems we share more than one interest! Mom was telling me about your old photos this morning, probably about the time you were leaving this comment.

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