Rug Made From Scraps

This is nothing fancy.  In fact, it is made simply from sewing thick fabric scraps together, with random piecing and random stitches.  The goal was for the rug to be as close to square as possible.  It has been a great bedside rug in the apartment.  It adds color and it will go into the washing machine.  The edge was turned under once or twice and hemmed.  I am pretty haphazard.  Enjoy this day!

Spread something out. No matter what. Cats will get in the middle of it. Lucy.

Blooming at Sidetracked.

10 thoughts on “Rug Made From Scraps”

  1. Hi Lyn, lovely rug, such gorgeous fabrics. Lucy is beautiful too! Roses blooming in April we never see that here!
    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you, Robin! We have enjoyed using it! Of course, the cats love everything. 🙂 xoxo Lynn PS — I hope you get blooming roses soon!

    1. Ohhhhh! A new finding! “Henny Penny” is your Mom!!!

      No wonder I am so at home here, in your blog, Lynn! Just as I am at home, in your sweet Mom’s blog.

      Hugs to both of you…
      Luna Crone

    2. Mama, you and I need to visit the Scrap Exchange again. They are so amazing! All of the scraps are from there. You are the best mama ever! ~Your girl

  2. Great idea, for a great rug. And you get to continue to enjoy, all those scraps of ‘fabrics-past’. -smile-

    And it is made perfect, by having a pretty kitty, sit in the middle of it.

    And a precious ‘bloom-a-blooming’…

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Thank you, Luna, regarding the rug! I love to work with scraps, without patterns! Not quite as talented and particular as Henny Penny! xo Lynn

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