Scanning Vintage

Bon Ami ad 1927

My dear friends,

I started the task yesterday of laminating a 1938 catalog page by page. You might ask why I would do that, wondering if it is ruining a perfectly good catalog, but the pages have reached the point where they are literally crumbling when you touch them. This seems to be the only way to preserve the pages so that I can use them as reference in my shop. Anyway, it got me to looking at other old magazines I have. Here are a few images from yesterday.

All of these pages are from Needlecraft April 1927. The outfits are just fun. I think of the roaring 20s! The cloche is a particularly fun hat, I think. They sell pretty quickly, that’s for sure!

Quality is such an elusive thing. It is a costly thing! The vintage items I have seem to be so much sturdier than things currently made, unless the current items are expensive and more tailored. Some of the items I have are very old, standing the test of time and lots of wear and tear.

Enjoy this day!


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  1. Beautiful magazines, yes. I love good quality clothing; one touch and you know you have something special. I love your sidebar photo with the guitar!

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