5 thoughts on “She’s Come Home”

  1. We’re not sure yet. Something exotic, for mysterious for sure — you know, considering how she just appeared needing a home. And her face. We’ll be sure to post it.

    Lynn 🙂

  2. Lynn,
    Your daughter’s doll reminds me of the book Hitty. (We are getting ready to start Above and Beyond with my two oldest daughters) 🙂 Anyway, just made me think of that. Maybe your daughter could write her own Hitty story for her doll and post it on her blog. My daughters and I would be up for a good story. 🙂
    Have a great week!
    Tracy in TN

  3. What a great idea, Tracy. 🙂 We love Hitty. I read it with one of the boys, using Above and Beyond, but I have not read it with my daughter yet.

    We’ll have to talk about it. It would be fun to let her write her story first and then see how the book unfolds, since she has not read it yet.


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